10 things

  1. I have almost a decade of experience in the online learning industry, including roles with industry-leading providers and in-house roles in multinational corporates.
  2. I’m an experienced writer, having worked as a broadcast reporter while at university and beyond, and have regularly been published in industry magazines.
  3. In 2010 I won the inaugural Instructional Designer of the Year award at the IT Training Awards (now the LPI Learning Awards) and my work has since been recognised with further industry awards.
  4. I’m a Fellow of the LPI and also hold LPI certification in live online learning facilitation
  5. I have a sharp eye for detail and actively enjoy proofreading and quality assurance activities!
  6. I’m an avid reader (at least, I was before I become a mother and my free time almost vanished!) and can also be found at stephanieisreading.wordpress.com
  7. I mostly studied French and Spanish literature at university, which is not the most useful degree in practical terms but nurtured my love of language, story, and so on.
  8. I’m currently (indefinitely but temporarily) living in Sofia, Bulgaria, having relocated here during maternity leave; happily the nature of the work I do, the small time difference, and the wonders of technology all mean that I feel pretty much as connected as I always have done.
  9. I still pop up throughout the year at such marvellous events as Learning Technologies and Learning Live, speaking or chairing and (more importantly) leaving inspired and energised.
  10. I’m always open to new opportunities and new challenges, so whatever it is you need support with, please do get in touch!